How heat recovery chillers work

A heat recovery chiller is a traditional screw type chiller where the heat of condensing is absorbed by a water loop, which is then used for heating.  Typically, the temp of the water produced by the heat recovery chiller is not high enough to do stand alone heating, and the higher the temp of water... Continue Reading →

Iceland’s Renewable Energy Production

Writing about ground source heat pumps yesterday reminded me that people often refer to them as geothermal, which is a misnomer.  Groundsource refers to installing a pipe in the ground and circulating water through it, and transferring the heat of the ground indirectly to heat or cool.  Geothermal is a much rarer source of energy,... Continue Reading →

Icing on a VRV condensing unit

The recent cold temperatures reminded me of a situation that I encountered a few winters ago.  This is a VRV condensing unit in its first year of winter service.  Can you guess what the problem is here?  It isn't a malfunctioning de-icing cycle.  The outside temps were around freezing when this happened, and it didn't... Continue Reading →


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