Recycling Post-Consumer Plastics

I recently started volunteering with the Cincinnati Reuse and Recycling Hub, and offered to use my engineering background to help with plastics recycling. In the Cincinnati area, Rumpke handles the curbside recycling, removing large quantities of #1 PET bottles and #5 tubs from the waste stream (i.e. the landfill). At the Hub, we were getting... Continue Reading →

Sustainability in Costa Rica

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica for Spring break.  It was beautiful. The only thing that wasn’t completely idyllic about it was the driving.  The five hours required to drive the roughly 130 miles to the place we were staying were a descent into chaos.  My boyfriend, who has driven many... Continue Reading →

Atmospheric CO2 removal technology

I came across an article recently about Climeworks, a Swiss company who is manufacturing machines to extract CO2 from the air.  The machines look somewhat like a jet engine (see below) and they saturate a filter with the CO2, then extract it from the filter by heating it.  One jet engine looking module extracts 150... Continue Reading →

Plant based ventilation systems

What do you think this is? If you said a CO2 generator for a green house, that's correct.  Plants thrive with added CO2.  What do they do with it?  According to, "In a process called “photosynthesis,” plants use the energy in sunlight to convert CO2 and water to sugar and oxygen. The plants use the sugar for food—food that we use,... Continue Reading →

Living Green Walls – the presentation

Last week, I gave a presentation at PEDCO's High Performance Building Seminar on Living Green Walls.  I had a super fun time preparing the presentation.  The subject is fascinating and hopeful, somehow, I guess because plants are everywhere and it was surprising to realize how many wonderful things they do.  Also, viewing the pictures of... Continue Reading →

Application of a Heat Recovery Chiller

This is an expanded version of an earlier post. A heat recovery chiller is a traditional screw type chiller where the heat of condensing is absorbed by a heating water loop.  Typically, the temperature of the water produced by the heat recovery chiller is not high enough to do stand-alone heating, so it supplements the... Continue Reading →

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