Atmospheric CO2 removal technology

I came across an article recently about Climeworks, a Swiss company who is manufacturing machines to extract CO2 from the air.  The machines look somewhat like a jet engine (see below) and they saturate a filter with the CO2, then extract it from the filter by heating it.  One jet engine looking module extracts 150... Continue Reading →

Iceland’s Renewable Energy Production

Writing about ground source heat pumps yesterday reminded me that people often refer to them as geothermal, which is a misnomer.  Groundsource refers to installing a pipe in the ground and circulating water through it, and transferring the heat of the ground indirectly to heat or cool.  Geothermal is a much rarer source of energy,... Continue Reading →

Icing on a VRV condensing unit

The recent cold temperatures reminded me of a situation that I encountered a few winters ago.  This is a VRV condensing unit in its first year of winter service.  Can you guess what the problem is here?  It isn't a malfunctioning de-icing cycle.  The outside temps were around freezing when this happened, and it didn't... Continue Reading →

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