The end of the year and moving forward with energy efficiency

It’s the holidays and the end of the year. We have a new president, and I will be very surprised if the result of this is a positive change in energy policy and climate change plans. I attended a seminar a couple of weeks ago and the speaker related the story which got him involved in the energy efficiency business. He had attended an earth day celebration in the 1990s, and a case study was related regarding an apartment block in East Germany which had gone totally off the grid, electricity and water. The sewer water from the building was treated in 9 tanks in the basement of the building, and recirculated for drinking and cooking water. I was struck by how much individuals can do without governmental support and I thought the story was particularly apt for our time. Now, we have to stick with it and do more, because we can’t rely on others to do it moving forward. If you’re wondering what to do, what your role could be in keeping America free and moving forward, becoming more aware of how things work and how energy can be conserved could be one of your contributions.  If you are working in an industrial or institutional setting, you will need more education than the average consumer of energy needs.


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